Boost profitability, quality and control

Large manufacturers are dealing with fierce competition and struggle to reduce production costs to compensate for decreasing profit margins.  Achieving a significant reduction in major raw material, while improving product quality, was considered impossible.

A revolutionary wax suspension system

SmartWax, SMARTECH’s pioneering wax suspension system, provides unmatched cost savings for engineered wood manufacturing, while promoting greater product quality and superior control.

Fast & Friendly Implementation

Cost Savings





Proven, unmatched raw material cost savings

SmartWax dramatically reduces the cost of wax used in the manufacturing process through a patented suspension technology. This technology cuts tens of percents of wax costs of engineered wood, gypsum and other building products.

Quick ROI

SmartWax's unprecedented cost savings dramatically accelerate Return On Investment (ROI) over a short period of time.

Enhanced quality and control

SmartWax provides better control over various production related parameters. The result is improvement in panel properties as well as unmatched cost savings.

Greater stability and visibility of information

As an integrated part of the production line, SmartWax offers on-time monitoring and rapid detection of manufacturing instability indicators, to ensure sustainable quality and minimize defective products.

Greener products and environment

SmartWax creates an eco-friendly and safer environment and greater public safety by reducing the chemical footprint in all engineered wood products. A significant reduction in oil-derived wax, as well as chemicals usage, supports environmental sustainability and results in safer consumer products.

Easy to Install, operate & maintain

SmartWax is built and fully tested per production line requirements. SmartWax installation and startup is done without stopping the production line. SmartWax flexible interface can be quickly adapted to the production line. Automated smart monitoring streamlines operations and provides real-time alerts. SmartWax is easily supported remotely, from any location.


SmartWax system is proprietary patent protected technology.

Worldwide customers

SmartWax was selected by the world's leading engineered wood manufacturers who integrated it into large production lines to deliver exceptional cost saving, quality and control, proven to increase profitability and competitive positioning.

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