Products Manager



This position is responsible for SMARTECH products management, defines organization’s products lines, enhancement and upgrades.

Directs, controls and coordinates activities in relevant functional area,including market research, generating product requirements, Technology adaptation, manufacturing & implementation, Pre-sales and post-sales support.

This position plays a key role of transformation of a market opportunity and ideas into a product available for sale.

Reports to Chief Innovative Technologies/VP Marketing or an executive nominated by the CEO.

Duties and Responsibilities

·        Formulate sproduct strategy, obtains product market share and forecasts marketing activities for a specific product or several products.

·        Exploresand defines classic industries market needs bydetermining customers' needs, limitationsand desires to drive fast ROI and value added for customers by implementationof SMARTECH technology.

·        Recommends enhancement of present & future products and upgrades by reviewing product specifications and requirements; appraising new product ideas according to SMARTECH’s vision and strategy.

·        Directs and coordinates work guidelines and schedules with 3rd parties, development and   engineering according to SMARTECH products road map.

·        Recommend products marketing & sales strategy and tools.

·        Recommend product pricing and penetration pricing strategy.

·        Provides information for management by preparing short-term and long-term analysis

·        Maintains and enhances professional and technical knowledge by working close to R&D team and market technology leaders.

·        Sales and presales support, including quota responsibilities.

·        Performs special projects as assigned.


Education and Experience

·        B.Sc. or BA degree in Computing, Industrial Engineering, or similar.

·        M.B.A is preferred

·        Proven experience in product management in Hi tech companies for at least 7 years.

·        Experience working in traditional industries is advantage

·        Experience working abroad mainly with NA companies

Other Skills

·        Worksindependently on issues of diverse scope under a general definition ofrequirements

·        Capable ofbig-picture vision, provides professional guidance to other departments and employees.

·        Strong Technicalknowledge and background.

·        Business knowledgeand customers facing orientation.

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